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A tale of how the Russian nature cleared the Canadian nature.

The literal translation of Irina Nemykiny talking about starting the journey
Russian hairless cats - Sphynx Donská - exhibition at the pier.

Varvara - prvá bezsrstá mačka Talking about this remarkable breed I want to start not from cats but from the people. More specifically, one man - from Elena Kovaleva. Wonderful, spiritual man, figure útla, great lover of all living, and especially cats. Unfortunately, Lenočka among us has not, no monument to her and her cat is inextricably linked with the history of Russian hairless cat breed - Donski Sfinx.

     With Elena, I met in 1988 at the wedding of our common acquaintances. The next day I visited her at her home. And there I first saw her cat Varvara. It was a shock for me! Such an oddity, I have never seen, it was unbelievable. In the 70 years I have in fact in the journal "Science and Life," read a short article that in North America, four were born naked, hairless kitten. The breed was called Sphinx. And there was also the small picture. And now, seeing Varvara, Elena say: "Oh, my God, because he is Sfinx, hairless Sfinx!"

     But take Varvara hand, I was afraid, and I was afraid even to touch her. Now people understand exactly who, seeing hairless cat for the first time, having strange feelings. Certainly they condemn, by itself, I passed. Varya was already an adult cat modrokrémovej color velvet on the head and back was fine, the ears should levi žltopiesočnej mane color to this luxurious fluffy tail and paws. "Lena is a nice slick naked cat?" - And I ask Elena says: "Very nice. . . actually, nothing is more pleasant." The concern is one finger back and bumped Varvarinho - extraction of hand. No, you can now! Around the year kamarátiac with Elena, I met with Varvara, zvykala I'm on her appearance, but a cat I could not accept. Not believe, but in that time I Varvara had even once in the hands or touch her skin. I do not know how to describe my position on this cat at the time, but I was interested about it. I asked Elena to everything related to Varvara. As such, when Elena Kovalev told the story as to her Varvara received. . . . .

     In February 1986, Elena returned home, where it waited daughter and 4 cats originating from the street. The playground in the yard of the boys threw a small bag from a heartrending scream kitten. Elena bag boy and took him to chose a small 3-4 month kitten. Beautiful, Feather, Miss tortie. Where now with kitten? Elena brought him to his home. Kitten give the name of Varvara. Varvara has grown as any other kitten, but about 4 months began to lose its soft fur. Not once. Gradually. First on the head, then back. Elena therefore clog it to the vet. The doctor determined dermatitis, herpes and naordinoval quantity of medicines and ointments, but it did not help at all. So let the cat as well as the fact that neprejavovala no signs of disease and its wonderfully prospered. Varvara grew and grew hair and had less and less.

Inna a Varvara      In 1989, the Rostove on Don held an exhibition of cats, where Elena has sent his daughter Innu and Varara with the belief that cats are the only exhibition for children and pensioners. Inna after three hours of the exhibition all weepy and returned in tears, because he laughed at the exhibition with the fact that the there with such a bald cat wants. But what has? Happened. Innu appease, repented, and the matter was forgotten.      After some time held the same club again in Grate exhibition cat. Varvara had even less hair now, completely velor head, mane behind the ears, fluffy tail, the legs "valenky". And now the exhibition select Varvara herself Elena. We we went to the Inno also. The exhibition will look back and came Vario director of the exhibition. Elena explained it: "This is Sfinx, bare cat, such as in America, I read about them!" And the answer: "Where would be here with us took such oddity? Impossible! What Sfinx? "True, at that time for us to be aware Sfinx few people, but nobody saw them. Neither this exhibition, has a second, nothing solved. May of year is the 1990th I get a new apartment and moving in it coincides with the date of my birthday. And Elena, I did not say anything in advance and brought me a kitten. My God, I have kitten! Varvarinu daughter! True, I have not once stated - in a new home any cat, buy a boxer. And here Macao - lady, so ridiculous, disheveled, tail as a fan, hair to it lies in the chipmunk. A head - gently Lysa, as in Varvara. Born 20.2.1990. Elena gave her name Serka (Šedivka) because it seemed to be grayed out. Cat, we deleted pobehala you oňuchala. I look at it. No, this is not a cat. And when I saw her feet and fingers when their hands than what - it grabbed and held ... I fall off I ... my gentlemen! This is not a cat, this is the next monkey. Really, monkey - Chita - so called ape in the movie. So that her name remain.

In general, the development of the breed Donski Sfinx associated random number.

Chita     In general, the development of the breed Donski Sfinx associated random number. Majesty is often mixed chance to run events. The emergence of Varvara in Elena Kovalev - the emergence of Chita, more litter, in which the Chita, is also no coincidence. Elena had Varvara than other cats, which were periodically their young. Elena had neighbors - "good" woman that these cats destroyed. And here it happened that this woman has gone on holiday to the sea, making the two rescued kittens - Chita and her future sister Loskutok.
     Their father was Vasily, European cat. He knows about it only so much that was beautiful marble with gray blue colors and drawing large white bib on the chest. Choosing he fell because of natural beauty and one house in the neighborhood.
     History Loskutka - Lena lived in for a few months. Never lose hair, remained fluffy tortie cat. Took it a Mr., who for some time, however, blew onto the street. We learned about a long walk in yards and in podchodoch in the area where she lived, we rozvešiavali ads hoping to find Loskutok. But is not found. As argued Elena, Loskutok be capricious in nature and would not survive without people. We found it failed and we hoped that the appropriation of it to someone.

But let us return back when they were read and Loskutok yet kittens.

Chita MIF      Again, the cat exhibition is held in the Rostov. Elena, her daughter Inna, I also went to the cats we have a third exhibition. And with us - Varvara, Chita and Loskutok. We brought three kittens. "Look! This is no longer sick, hairless cat! We are so born! "Cats, we built the table, have them checked out by experts. Judges will watch our trio, they said. Also wanted to buy, but only a feeling. And behold, they did not like Loskutok! I tell them: "No, reading is my cat. Sold. I'm sorry. "On this show gave us a price - big, beautiful, glass salad bowl. This was our first award.

     The exhibition has ended and it was over. Nobody did not deal with us more, there was complete silence, even though we saw three times in three exhibitions. Seen that growth, that is propagation. But this was our human worries, it was a cats. They grew and they are good.

     Chita grew. From her first litter, I left one tom-cat. Why the tom-cat? Let me explain. At that time, said that the house has to be tom-cat, marry-cat houses nobody wanted and certainly not with the kittens. Resulted in problems, and smell like. Even my husband stated unequivocally - no kittens!

     The first time I gave milt feeling great, just great European male cats. It is worthwhile to describe it in detail. I never had cats at home, I always had male cats only. When read in the age of one year received the first ment for three days launched a concert that I was determined to pair her with anyone. As on purpose, in the vicinity was no cat, we searched under all the cars in the yard, but everything was just cats. Therefore, we started to walk in their homes. We went to one, zaklopali, cat had. A boy from a good family, immaculate, loved. His lord said - this is our marquis, labôčka, our splendor. I bring this Markíza deleted. At the moment - ball, battle, Marquis drenched with blood, scream. Mesta torn off, pack tourist tins and return it back to the owner. I wonder nezachcelo a cat from a good family, is another, which can be found. And here, seeing my affliction, helped neighbors, active group, also looking cat, wherever asked. Just found one yet - in susediek, grandmothers living in tomcat. I went to them and say - let your cat. And Grandma - what Thank God, we will not give, we want to be there, as will our Vaseňka behave. Grandma is old, is an NGO, lying, or are not able to stand. And Vaseňka for them outside world, najmilovanejší. So I bring them emotion. Once I deleted it, the cat is cast so that the "ball" when it flew under the bed where the sick grandma was lying there and poďho rough-house. Vplazím under the bed, cat ťahám per foot, but he does so Chita zadrapila that is towed behind him. And both terribly vrieskali. I don't tell lies - NGO grandma got up from bed - our Vaseňku beat! Caught emotion and go home. Dislike her cat stareniek, nor one from a good family, so it will dump the cat! And children are pursued - Aunt Ira, in the courtyard under the gate lies a huge cat, exactly what you want. In the refrigerator I had a canned ham, I have brought a great deal with her son and fleeing to neighboring door. There, in the cellar window is rolled a huge mouth and dormant. We brought ham it under the nose - the cat track. Once again, it again below. So we have to be attracted to our homes. While we carry it to us and I neutiekol him to nemetal, fed ham. And he slowly ate mľaskavo. We brought him into the hall and I saw up there, whom we dotiahli. Such a monster in my whole life have seen. Only the tail filled the whole hall. Tomcat dožul ham, saw my emotion. Permanent angry, folded, began spit. Cat looked at her, nuzzle, shred it immediately, and bred.

Chita bore 4 boys, big kittens, was not a plain, all are feathered.

Viťaz MIF      Whither then the kittens? Nobody wanted them, they did not need one. I have one left, the strongest. And he began to Pilsen. Who would have thought it? After two months of our first cat vypĺzol the beautiful "strips". Now that I have with which to compare, the cat appeared as the Vitaz Mif, but was still powerful, more clearly striped. Tomcat is growing and I have a problem where with him, who have it, nobody wants to take him, at first glance another - without the hair. They argued to me that I have all together when babrem with such cats. A coincidence here, such a situation - climbed into the car, go to the master, whom we hire, and there crying little boy. Tomcat zdochol him, do not know where to find another, let the little calm. I tell him: "Weep not, as soon as we come home, I'll give you the second cat." Mača taken, thank you and left. More, I heard about it.

     For additional Chita ment I was prepared. I found a neighbor who had a cat Dimu. The smoke was white, blue, striped, not white. If you want to know how to look like Dima, go to the street, the dump, where such fits hundred.

     With Chita to mate three times successively. The first litter I have left two male cats. It was Hannibal and Martin. Hannibal was black. Female Cat don't have 3-4 years, but looks good, all the teeth in place, white, big.

     His brother, Martin, striped tabby was slightly higher from Hannibal. In both, we measure their maturity, Hannibal had the tip of the nose to the root of the tail 53 cm, 54 cm Martin. Martin, unlike Hannibal, lose hair completely. I gave him his godfather, he lived a free life with him. He played on the streets, wander in the snow, fished a mouse or rat, and he did not do the problem. The summer was almost completely bare, just the end of the tail, paws and ears should be the place for feathered. But in winter, when he walked out, it grew huge furry trousers. He looked very funny. Martin spent eight years in this style. He died tragically hands Holubar, in fact caught the pigeon. After Martin left many descendants, but none was plain, even a little coat.

The second mating Dimu City and brought beautiful kittens which rapidly lost remnants of hair.

Afinogen MIF

     This means that it applies to every litter! From this litter, I decided to give kittens names by alphabet and connect them to the MIF file extension. Hannibal and Cal also received her only feeling I have decided to Cito, without an extension. Saying the current language, Chita was the kennel Elena Kovalev, not my, it would be ugly if I gave her my extension. Two names were born kittens Anton MIF and Afinogen Mif. TomCats grew, the time has come farewell - one of them must go to live in Leningrad. It should be removed. A better one was Antoška was greater, and had less hair than his brother. Afonka Does the poloosrstený and smallish. Anton, I wanted to leave, which meant that in Leningrad will Afon. So Afinogen MIF through my famous Rostov got to Tatiane Komarova. But not Anton not stay long with me. To me home to my cats came Irina drake. Popozerala all hairless cats living in the moment of the Grate, and I told her in detail how this all began. I saw Irina is looking for cats, it was obvious that it's all very interested. I learned from it and a lot of information. She was at that time already experienced specialist in cats. Irina drake you drove Anton MIF. So both brothers were in Leningrad. And from the Leningrad Irina with Anton chose to Budapest for an exhibition of cats, where Antoška provoked enthusiastic responses.

     Mating City and Hannibal. 26.10.1992 Chita born. And here I am waiting for a big surprise. So far, all born in kittens more or less hair, some lost hair during the year. Now Chita gave me a shot in the middle of which was bare completely bare kitten. I was shaken! My feelings were about such as when I first saw Varvara. It was a little girl.

First hairless cat!

So it is still possible! I gave her name Basja. Grew and finally was beautiful also went to Leningrad to Irina drake. He lives there with Anton. Incidentally, one litter was born with Basjou and Bastet MIF.

     At that time I received a book in hand, which has been written about the horse breed Przewalskeho by Germans in the war completely exterminated. The owner of the herd, however, managed to save a single stallion of this kind. As the only remaining stallion, there is a problem, as the stallion breed herd. And the book is written in detail how they made it : we found sound resembling a stallion to mare, copulate them together and daughters again spárili with his father. Everything I read and thought to be. I have a feeling, her son Hannibal. Each with varying degrees harless. And why not? Why not try? There are who ask, so without the advice and assistance from me was felinológ. copulate my mother with her son, feeling of Hannibal. I did the same thing, which was written in the book, ie inbreeding ( inbreeding ). And in accordance with the book confirmed that exactly follows the rise of a new breed of new features. It should be noted that at the time when this happened, the words of inbreeding, felinológ, crossing, few people knew or heard about them.

     17 February 1993 Chita bare litter. And again - in the litter is a hairless kitten. Now it's cat. First hairless cat! It was a success! I felt that I was close to something important for me to be incomprehensible to the mystery may be associated with my cats. Very disturbs me. Kittens which the growth of lost hair, appearance holonarodených dogs, cats, nature of their appearance, striking eyes and feet with long toes, to the people - all of it is not typical for ordinary, we know cats.

     This litter was very evaporated. Hairless cat we named Vikont MIF. He grew up on big, beautiful cat, he lived long in family in our Rostov. Very converge to dog. Lived life ease, and devour only slept together. But, dog-friend died. Vikont have gone to the backing, lay there three days, do not eat, drink and died without apparent cause. He had 10 years and the entire ten years the two of them survived together. After leaving Vikontovi beautiful offspring.

     In the same litter, together with Vikontom born winner and Violetta. Winner of the MIF - the cat with beautiful body construction, powerful, rapidly losing hair. He was the first of my cats who went to Moscow, lives in Natali Ibrahim. Vitaz and Hannibal were the first "don" the cat show in Moscow. I know that the winner is the father of the beautiful and multiple offspring, which lives only in Moscow. Violetta MIF - Beauty is my white-haired boy. Very similar to his mother feeling. It gave me great and beautiful offspring.

Gradually, the "Don" offspring grew.

     The animals were easy, but people have found difficult. Since 1990, I started writing letters to all, which I thought might be of interest to my cats - in newspapers, magazines, wrote articles about animals, the television, various specialists for cats. In writing, I continued in the years 1991, 1992, 1993 ... Some of these specialists are now known, but only from me odvracali or me say that dealing with noble cats and not ...

     Lost in this example : In 1991 I was in the magazine "Crocodile" on the last page read some ads and kennel clubs for the sale of purebred dogs and cats. At the time I still did not know that there are cat and dog organizations. So I wrote them : "Listen, I bare cats already know where you're with them, if you want, come, take them to sell ..." Respond to this letter came ... in 1993, saying if I want, I have come to the exhibition to enroll.

     In 1993 I managed to get into local television shows in "Don Day." Chief editor came to my home, and brought a huge camera, lights, cables. They told me that the film will only cats, I will be out of scope. Show was broadcast on local television, nothing nevystrihli, and they left me with the cats across the parade ". A second morning session to be repeated, but already in the program "Morning" for the first channel in the whole Republic. You'll be amazed, but the session was not only popular, not one! Only later, after several years, I have the cat breeders became aware that I only saw and heard the broadcast. But they did not believe. They thought that this is another forgery. That something does not exist. And yet the Rostov!

     In the same year I learned that the Rostov on Done when the club opens kynologická section purebred cats. I went there, showed a photo city and asked : "Oh, we have this, you are interested in us?" They said that they are very interested, so we joined the club.

     He started talking like Varvara and her breeder Elena Kovalev and I finish them well. In recent years, Elena's life, when her illness, we met less. And the Lenin's disaster, I learned too late. I know that Varvara came to the new owner, but lived there a long time. Live approximately ten years.

     I talked only about the very beginning, I was not prejudiced by many. Rozpovedala just the first, very first cats with which we began this difficult journey. Any and all of them I can write a separate story. It was hard to lose anyone in the beginning, neodvrhnúť, help it grow and help him with offspring. Very thank fate that I had hooked up with Elena Kovalev, many thanks to our cats, Varvara, Chita, all their children.

     I hope to figure out inaccuracies and falsifications of the history of the breed Don Sfinx after my telling disappear. It is a appearance as Varvara as a result of the Chernobyl tragedy, that was found somewhere to dump the Chita came into the world bare, to say nothing of Varvara. Another untruth is to use Don from other breeding stations in holding age peers Chita and Hannibal, and also animals from the fictions of my kennel as the bearers of the gene for blue eyes.

     I am glad that you found a breed of their supporters who are interested for it. I am happy that many fans and created many kennels. This means that it was unnecessary. This means that created a new breed...

Irina Nemykina    

Irina Nemykina, Cattery Mif - Rostov on Don

Naked as a solution for cat allergic?

Don Sphynx breed is a breed of cat that is born from a bare (no hair). Among the established people is therefore logical that when a cat has no hair, is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers. For if someone is allergic to cat hair, so in this case should not be allergic to what.
Such an assertion is not correct if the "myth" contributed allergists who have allergies suffered by people in contact with a cat so named. This is not allergic to cat fur, but the substances were to coat. These are the proteins in cat saliva and secretions, which they in their intensive care for your hair rubs all over his body. Coated cat spends most of the day sleeping, snooze, and licking the fur. Thus, it cleans, but on every single hair and leaves your saliva. The fact that the cat sheds, and you need not convince even the most carefully what will it remove the hair from the flat, and so takes up to six months, while the coat of flat smeared allergenic protein disappears. Thus it is in the coated cats.
However, bare cats lick too! This is not to be so intense as that of their colleagues and become a furry that was hairless cat all day neoblíže even once. The advantage of such a cat is that it can be easy and if necessary take a bath, which will remove allergens from the skin even more.
From experience we know that the reaction to Don Sphynx must try every allergy sufferer himself. Some of these cats will not respond at all, some of these cats to their small impact on their immune system even heal. However, there are also cases that the Donoch allergies sneeze and weep...
It is not possible to say that Don Sphynx cat is suitable for allergy sufferers. In many cases, however, can not even argue the opposite, because our offspring are many families with allergies and their co-existence of either party does not cause any problems.

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