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Our breeding males

Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless male Ramesse
ICH (Inter Champion)

Ramesse Pyrel, SK

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 25.04.2011
EMS code : DSP a 21 / Color : blue tabby

Show results :
CAGCIB, 3x nom BIS.

Litter : V-2013, W-2014
Ramses is Ivanov's son who inherited his father's chin and wrinkles, and after mom Taora beautiful skin color blue tabby (blue tabby). In addition to positive, however, inherited from his father, Ramses and "singing" talent and singing when Ivana already fed up, took over the baton after Ramesses. Whether the morning of the third, or about eleven at night, you must sing his several-minute "aria" which pulls up eardrums. I asked neighbors if they do not mind, but they say to me, to hear that. (This is good!) After Nino left the room for the tomcat Ivan stayed there alone with Ramses. At night they sleep with me in bed and they are fine there.

I hope that Ramesses submit their priority (type and quality of the skin of the head) and his descendants who should have the combination with Jawelyn and Hennessy.

Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless male Ivan
GIC (Grand Inter Champion)

Ivan Don Ramzes, RU

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 17.06.2010
EMS code : DSP e / Color : creme

Show results :
BIS (gr.3) Nitra 2011,
BIS (6-10) Klosterneuburg 2011,
4x nom. BIS, 2x BIV,

Litter : R-2011, S-2011, T-2012, W-2014, Y-2014
It took a lot of time, while I'm at the Sheremetyevo airport was taken Ivana Don Ramses, RU. It was the first cat of this type are exported to Europe. The breeder took long 13 years, while in their puppies achieve what our Don is missing - a strong chin, a lot of wrinkles, pronounced stop and open your eyes. Although Ivan was many times nominated into the top (Best In Show) and two times and won it, his appearance still judges from absorbing. I believe that genes modify its "European" type the Don Sphynx, as they have done in combination with his Taoro from which we let the cat Ramesses Pyrel, SK.

Although we Ivanova color (cream) does not fit into our blue-black repertory, this can be work around so that even though we will be born tortie cats are we come back around to the blue and black cats, which is our breeding order.

Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless male Timo
CH (Champion)

Timo Chudnaya Zhemchuzhina, RU

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 08.12.2009
EMS code : DSP n 21 / Color : black tabby

Show results :

Litter : Q-2010, U-2012
For Tim, we were like "dead chicken to the grain." In the city of Saransk (distant 800 km east of Moscow), we found a beautiful cat with amazing blue eyes and we booked it. A few days before the scheduled collection of cats in Moscow offer came from breeding station, even if we do not want her brother - Tima. We agreed on a reasonable price so I took it from Moscow one, but two cats - brothers and sisters - Taora and Timo. Coincidence it happened that at the time of the planned trip to Moscow for the two cats we contacted two young people from Malacky the fact that they would really like to Don Sphynx. Immediately I thought it would be great if our Timo lived with them. One word a few days after arriving in Slovakia Tim changed his residence from our apartment to apartment in another part of our city. He owns a flat there and Timo is happy. Because not live with us, has a few photos. Its great advantage is that their children passed a beautiful black velvet and leather.

Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless male Ninja
GIC (Grand Inter Champion)

Ninja Shining Beauty's, PL

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 12.06.2008
EMS code : DSP n 21 / Color : black tabby

Litter : M-2009, N-2010, O-2010, P-2010
Already at the time when we reflect on the establishment of the Don Sphynx breed was clear to us that we reared only blue and black kittens. This is a step towards the selection of a cat for our two cats. Ninja cat we found in Latvia, which was renamed Nino. From the outset it was necessary to separate the 'femala babies' shoulder our apartment (Don sphynx are extremely sexually active cats), so we have our home broken into two parts: the kitchen was linked with a bedroom (the inhabitants of this area became Nino and later by other males) and the rest of the apartment occupied by our cat ladies. Nino has gradually become the author of four litters of kittens and the father of sixteen. Over time, increased the number of our male cats and one with which you Nino falls into the eye, Ivan was Don Ramses, RU. Nino Ivan attacked more and more, until we had to give at the end of April 2012 neutered. His attacks, however, still did not stop, so nothing left other, just move it to the rest of the apartment - the cats.

Nino is the happiest cat in the world. The king of the cat and finally occupants can occupy the premises, which were initially denied. The whole day can sunbathe on the windows of balconies and sun toasting the bare navel.

Naked as a solution for cat allergic?

Don Sphynx breed is a breed of cat that is born from a bare (no hair). Among the established people is therefore logical that when a cat has no hair, is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers. For if someone is allergic to cat hair, so in this case should not be allergic to what.
Such an assertion is not correct if the "myth" contributed allergists who have allergies suffered by people in contact with a cat so named. This is not allergic to cat fur, but the substances were to coat. These are the proteins in cat saliva and secretions, which they in their intensive care for your hair rubs all over his body. Coated cat spends most of the day sleeping, snooze, and licking the fur. Thus, it cleans, but on every single hair and leaves your saliva. The fact that the cat sheds, and you need not convince even the most carefully what will it remove the hair from the flat, and so takes up to six months, while the coat of flat smeared allergenic protein disappears. Thus it is in the coated cats.
However, bare cats lick too! This is not to be so intense as that of their colleagues and become a furry that was hairless cat all day neoblíže even once. The advantage of such a cat is that it can be easy and if necessary take a bath, which will remove allergens from the skin even more.
From experience we know that the reaction to Don Sphynx must try every allergy sufferer himself. Some of these cats will not respond at all, some of these cats to their small impact on their immune system even heal. However, there are also cases that the Donoch allergies sneeze and weep...
It is not possible to say that Don Sphynx cat is suitable for allergy sufferers. In many cases, however, can not even argue the opposite, because our offspring are many families with allergies and their co-existence of either party does not cause any problems.

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