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Our breeding females

Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless female Teodora

Teodora Pyrel, SK

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 29.06.2012
EMS code : DSP f / Color :

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Nom BIS, BIS, BOB (gr.3)


Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless female Sahmet

Sahmet Pyrel, SK

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 08.07.2011
EMS code : DSP g / Color : blue tortie

Litter : U-2012
Sahmet Ivanova is the daughter of and Jawelyn. Because the father and mother is creamy black, the color is blue tortie. To her kittens were black or blue, it must be her "husband" black or blue. The father of her children would therefore Timo and we believe that everything will be beautiful dark, healthy kittens.

Sahmet the friendliest of all the Don in our apartment. It's our only cat who has learned to retrieve and also the only one that bathing heartbreaking "crying". Screaming as if it pricking of the skin and it's basically the only voice and speech, except that because it is crying all day long completely silent.

Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless female Taora

Taora Chudnaya Zhemchuzhina, RU

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 08.12.2009
EMS code : DSP a 21 / Color : blue tabby

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Litter : R-2011, X-2014, Y-2014
Taora is Timo's sister and her "name" denotes the translation of "special pearl". A Taora and is such a small pearl. First of its exceptionally velvety skin, and second nature. Taora welcomes us with each visit, loves potato chips and chocolate. It is obvious that they do not give it, but they are on the table, it is to be very careful.

Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless female Jawelyn
GIC (Grand Inter Champion)

Jawelyn Sdyron, SK

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 26.02.2009
EMS code : DSP n / Color : black

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CACS, 2x BIV, 1x nom. BIS(2)

Litter : O-2010, P-2010, S-2011, T-2012, V-2013
Jawelyn was our cat number 2 and the time when we bought it, we already were looking for a cat. Jewka is Henkin's sister, just have a different father. It is also seen to it. It is quite a bit more from his sister and has a "massive" facial features. With its appearance and the judges liked the international cat shows and very quickly and easily made ​​it to the title of "Grand Inter Champion".

Don sphynx (sfinx) hairless female Hennessy
ICH (Inter Champion)

Hennessy Sdyron, SK

Don Sphynx, Donskoy Sfinx

Date of birth : 06.08.2008
EMS code : DSP n / Color : black

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1x BIV

Litter : M-2009, N-2010, Q-2010, T-2012, W-2013
Hennessy is our first cat that we bought just because we have such a cat seemed to be very exclusive. Our older son Marek is allergic to cat hair and the "experiment" with fish, Degu, or rats has already been applied to advance to higher level breeding. Dog refuse to flat, so the cat won. A Don Sphynx breed was more than winning! Hennessy already shown us that this breed is not for the fact that you ask about their society.

Your character reminds porcelain dolls and so well bred. It's our "First Lady". After the arrival of several cats in our household, although the "moved" to the child's room, but regularly sleeps in beds of our sons and is happy with them, when they sit at the computer.

Naked as a solution for cat allergic?

Don Sphynx breed is a breed of cat that is born from a bare (no hair). Among the established people is therefore logical that when a cat has no hair, is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers. For if someone is allergic to cat hair, so in this case should not be allergic to what.
Such an assertion is not correct if the "myth" contributed allergists who have allergies suffered by people in contact with a cat so named. This is not allergic to cat fur, but the substances were to coat. These are the proteins in cat saliva and secretions, which they in their intensive care for your hair rubs all over his body. Coated cat spends most of the day sleeping, snooze, and licking the fur. Thus, it cleans, but on every single hair and leaves your saliva. The fact that the cat sheds, and you need not convince even the most carefully what will it remove the hair from the flat, and so takes up to six months, while the coat of flat smeared allergenic protein disappears. Thus it is in the coated cats.
However, bare cats lick too! This is not to be so intense as that of their colleagues and become a furry that was hairless cat all day neoblíže even once. The advantage of such a cat is that it can be easy and if necessary take a bath, which will remove allergens from the skin even more.
From experience we know that the reaction to Don Sphynx must try every allergy sufferer himself. Some of these cats will not respond at all, some of these cats to their small impact on their immune system even heal. However, there are also cases that the Donoch allergies sneeze and weep...
It is not possible to say that Don Sphynx cat is suitable for allergy sufferers. In many cases, however, can not even argue the opposite, because our offspring are many families with allergies and their co-existence of either party does not cause any problems.

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